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Our Services

Physician Medical Licensing Service

We provide our clients with state medical licensing application services, with a focus on telemedicine and multi-state licensing. Contact us today to take advantage of our hassle-free application process and begin expanding your reach.

Telemedicine Licensing Service

Our team specializes in helping provide health care providers with the necessary licenses to expand their care through telemedicine. We know that obtaining the necessary verifications and documents can be difficult to do alone, as the process normally involves communicating with multiple state boards, schools, hospitals and more. For this reason, we handle the processing for you!

Corporate Level Licensing Service

We have 13 years of processing 100's of state licenses at the same time. Our experience shaves time off the process and gets your team up and running in the most efficient manner possible. We provide our clients with expert assistance concerning any scale of multi-state licensing necessary to save them precious time and money.

Medical License Renewals

Holding multiple sate licenses puts another burden on the physician, Renewals. We have a dedicated team that coordinates CME and completes renewal forms exclusively. We pride ourselves in supporting physicians in every way to keep their practice within the law and above the board.