Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medical Licensing


Your license application and verifications will be prepared and sent to the Medical Boards within 10 days of our company receiving all the information needed from you to proceed. We can reduce this time if you are in an extreme rush. Please talk with one of our staff if you have a special case. Expedited fees apply.

The medical boards can take an average of 4 to 6 weeks to review your new application. There are some states that may take a little longer such as Texas or California. US Healthcare Licensing takes all the necessary measures to make sure your application and documents are processed in the fastest time possible.

In rare circumstances we have licensed Physicians within a month, but normally time varies from state to state averaging 2 to 3 months.

Really it depends on the Doc. if you are a newly minted Physician with no history and one license, then you will have a shorter turn around than the doc with thirty years under their belt and a couple malpractice cases.  

The reality is, the sooner you get started and the more accurate you communicate your history, the faster you will get that new license.

Our experience gives us the advantage over an in-house team, or using your front office admin girl.  There are many "tricks of the trade" that will shave time off your processing time that an inexperience person just wont know.

Not to mention the personal relationships with the medical board processor's that we have developed over time.  They are people like anyone else, and reserve the best service for teams like ours that make their jobs smooth as silk. 

Completing the initial application is only the beginning of the licensing process. We request all supporting documentation, verifications, reference requests, certifications and make all the necessary phone calls to ensure you receive your medical license as soon as possible.  

Did I mention hours of follow up calls?

Yes. of course.

We operate as a service, but pass on the fees required to request documents like: state medical license fees, license verifications, employment verifications, school verifications, NPDB reports, background checks, FCVS profiles, and more.  These are all fees that you would incur if you were to try this on your own.  We are very fair when it comes to our fees.

The total amount due will be billed to you up front. All items will be itemized on your invoice to review before obtaining our services. We do everything up front so there are no surprises!

Initially you will provide us with your updated CV and as much documentation that you can scan and send. After our internal review, you may be asked to provide addition information, and most times a recent photo and references.

We will then complete the application's and send them to you for your review and signature. Depending on the board, you may be required to be fingerprinted for a background check. We will handle setting that up for you and making sure it is processed and sent to the board. Other than that, we do the rest!

First of all, clear communication. 

We are your advocate, your confidant, your alternate personality. Please do not keep any secrets. We don't judge, but we will curse you when we find out that you had a malpractice suit 12 years ago in another state and didn't tell us! This is also considered a no-no with the boards. Often halting to process for months. Be upfront, it's OK.

Check your CV, make sure it has ALL of your work history and Affiliations.

Keep up with your CME.

And be available for questions.  We don't mind calling late if your schedule requires it.

No. Roughly half of the states require fingerprints and background checks. 

We know this is a hassle, so we do our best to help you with scheduling, and finding locations close to you.

And NO, you can not do them at home with an ink pad. 

Of course this depends on your history, but all things being equal, Colorado, Rhode Island, Michigan, Ohio, and Utah are your best bets.  They have the winning combination of modern computer processing and efficient processing teams. 

Not so fast, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas and Wyoming.

We are sorry that you have been misled by those other sites.  

No one can sign for you, no one can get your fingerprints for you, no one can stand in front a notary for you. 

If you take away all of the things required from you, then yea, we do 100% of the process.

We want you to clearly understand that you will be required to participate in this process, but we will proficiently limit your interface time. We are experts in this arena.

We have many docs that have acquired all 50 states, and still have time to fish on the weekends. Or ride Harley's if that's your thing. 

You will notice a link in the header - Client Portal. This page offers you a direct upload form that is encrypted, and HIPPA certified.  Backed by Azure and GoDaddy, your security is our number one concern.  Feel free to use this option at anytime. 

PS. Make sure that your network is secure before sending sensitive information.  We can secure your information from your browser to our cloud storage, but the WiFi network at the local Starbucks might not be the best place to send your Social Security information.  Most home/office networks are secure enough.