Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medical Licensing


Upon receiving all the required information from you, we'll prepare and submit your license application and verifications to the Medical Boards within 10 days. If you're in a tight spot, we can expedite the process even further; however, expedited fees will apply. Please reach out to our team if you have an urgent need.

Medical boards typically take about 4 to 6 weeks to review new applications. Certain states, like Texas and California, might take a bit longer. At US Healthcare Licensing, we're committed to ensuring the swift processing of your application and documents.

While there have been instances where physicians were licensed within a month, the average licensing time spans from 2 to 3 months and varies by state.

Your individual circumstances can also affect the duration. For example, a recently graduated physician with a straightforward profile will likely experience a quicker process compared to a seasoned professional with a complex history.

Ultimately, the key to a faster licensing process is promptness on your part. The sooner you initiate the process and provide accurate details of your professional history, the quicker you'll receive your new license.

Choosing US Healthcare Licensing offers distinct advantages over relying on an in-house team or entrusting this task to administrative staff. Here's why:

  1. Experience & Expertise: Our years in the field have equipped us with invaluable insights and "tricks of the trade" that can significantly expedite the licensing process. Such expertise might be beyond the grasp of those new to the process.

  2. Strong Relationships: Over time, we've cultivated personal relationships with medical board processors. Just like in any profession, they appreciate smooth interactions and often reserve their best service for teams like ours that facilitate a seamless experience for them.

  3. Comprehensive Service: While the initial application is a crucial step, it's just the beginning. We handle all subsequent phases – from sourcing supporting documents, verifications, and reference requests to securing necessary certifications. Plus, we manage all the essential follow-up communications and calls, ensuring everything is on track for a timely license approval.

  4. Persistent Follow-Ups: And yes, that includes countless hours of dedicated follow-up calls, ensuring no detail is missed and that your application remains a priority.

By choosing us, you're not just selecting a service; you're gaining a committed partner that will go the extra mile to ensure your multi-state medical licensing process is as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

While we provide expert service, there are additional fees associated with the licensing process that we pass on to our clients. These include, but are not limited to:

  • State medical license fees
  • License verifications
  • Employment verifications
  • School verifications
  • NPDB reports
  • Background checks
  • FCVS profiles ... and more.

It's essential to understand that these costs are standard and would be incurred even if you pursued licensing independently. We pride ourselves on transparency and fairness regarding our charges.

Before we begin, you'll receive an itemized invoice detailing every fee, ensuring complete clarity. Our approach is to be upfront, so you're always informed and never encounter unexpected costs.

Your involvement is straightforward and minimal:

  1. Documentation: Begin by providing us with your updated CV and any other documentation you can digitize and send our way. Based on our review, we might request additional details, possibly including a recent photo and references.

  2. Review & Approval: We'll meticulously prepare the necessary applications along with the required documents and forward them to the boards using your official signature.

  3. Fingerprinting: Some medical boards require fingerprinting for background checks. Don't worry; our dedicated in-house team will coordinate this for you, ensuring your prints are processed and dispatched to the appropriate boards promptly.

Beyond these steps, you can relax and let us handle everything else!

Here's a refined version of the answer for "What can I do to help this process go faster?":

Accelerating the licensing process is a collaborative effort. Here's how you can play your part:

  1. Open Communication: Think of us as your ally and advocate. Transparency is key. If there are any past incidents, like a malpractice suit, it's vital you share that with us upfront. Such omissions can result in significant delays or board action, especially if medical boards uncover discrepancies.

  2. Detailed CV: Ensure your CV is comprehensive, covering all your work history and affiliations.

  3. Stay Updated with CME: Regularly update your Continuing Medical Education records.

  4. Availability: While we work around your schedule, being promptly available to answer questions or provide clarifications can make a difference in the timeline. We're flexible and can accommodate late calls if that suits you better.

Remember, our shared goal is a swift and smooth licensing process. The more proactive and transparent you are, the better we can assist you.

IT depends on the providers degree, and the states required. 

For instance, Nurses get fingerprinted for every state, MD's and DO's are required in 75% of the states. 

We recognize this step can be inconvenient, so we created and in-house fingerprinting department to assist you in scheduling your digital fingerprinting appointment at a location nearest to you. Once and Done!

And just to clarify, home-based ink pad solutions won't cut it!

The speed of licensing often hinges on your individual history. However, when considering a standard profile, Colorado, Rhode Island, Michigan, Ohio, and Utah typically lead the pack. These states boast a harmonious blend of advanced digital systems and agile processing teams.

On the flip side, you might need a bit more patience with states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas, and Wyoming, as their processes can be comparatively slower.

When looking for multi-state licensing: Let's talk about using the IMLC!

Using the Interstate Medical Licensing Compact with significantly speed up your licensing timeline.

For secure document uploads, please use the "Client Portal" link located in our website's header. This portal provides an encrypted upload form that's both HIPAA-compliant and fortified by renowned security frameworks from Azure and GoDaddy. Ensuring your data's safety is our top priority, and you can utilize this feature whenever needed.

A word of caution: Before uploading sensitive documents, ensure your network is secure. While we guarantee end-to-end encryption from your browser to our cloud storage, it's essential to remember that public networks, like those at coffee shops or hospital lobbies, may not be the most secure environments for transmitting personal data. Most home and office networks typically offer adequate security.